Eyelash Extensions Fort Worth

Are you looking for natural eyelash extensions?  Get natural looking, thick, fuller individual lashes without the use of mascara from Seven Stones Healing Massage & Spa in Fort Worth, TX.

Why do I need extensions?
Eyelash extensions are a safe natural alternative to harsh makeup and mascara.  They save you time in the morning.  A quick brush is all you need to make your eyelashes pop!  Eyelash extensions also accentuate your eyes enhancing your natural beauty.

How are lashes applied?
Eyelash extensions are applied by a licensed esthetician.  A safe glue is applied to the eyelid to attach each eyelash individually.  Eyelashes are applied to desired thickness and appearance.  Initial sets can take up to two hours to complete where refills take less than an hour.

What does your eyelash extension service include?
Each eyelash extension includes a full set of eyelashes or refills depending on service.  A new set includes free eyelash removal prior to adding new lashes during this treatment.

How often should I have eyelashes refilled? 
To keep your eyelashes looking fresh and new, you will want to have refill every three to four weeks.  Longer than that and you will require a new full set.

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