Which Dermalogica Skin Kit is Right for You?

When it comes to your face there can be lots of products to use.  Do you need a cleanser? Do you need a masque? Are these the right products to use for your type of skin?  Dermalogica has you covered with a full regimen in convenient travel size kits.

Dermalogica has skin kits designed for oily, dry, and breakout skin types.  They even have a Meet Dermalogica Skin Kit with Dermalogica’s most popular products for you to try.  Dermalogica also has skin kits designed for specific skin types to help with anti-aging, acne, and sensitive skin.

Check out some of Dermalogica’s most popular skin kits.

Age Smart Kit: Regimen for smoother, healthier skin

This kit for mature/prematurely-aging skin helps block biochemical triggers that lead to wrinkles, loss of elasticity and tone while firming and renewing skin.

Medibac Clearing Skin Kit: Regimen for consistently clear skin

This kit for adult acne helps treat, clear and prevent the triggers that lead to breakouts.  Use morning and night to help maintain consistently clear, healthy skin.

Ultracalming Skin Kit: Cool, soothe and restore

This kit for sensitized skin contains products to help relieve itching, redness, and reactive skin flare-ups associated with sensitive and sensitized skin.

If you would like to know which skin kit is right for you, call and schedule a free consultation with our licensed esthetician today! 817-336-4077