Mud Never Felt So Good

When you think of going to the spa what images come to mind?  A relaxing massage?  A rejuvenating European facial?  Maybe getting your body soaked in mud?  If you fall into that third category this article is for you!

A mud wrap is a great way to nourish your skin.  Mud wraps have the benefit of hydrating, soothing, and detoxifying the skin.

At Seven Stones Healing Massage and Spa we offer a luxurious mud wrap treatment with three types of mud to nourish your skin.

Our mud wraps begin with a micro-buff body polish.  This is a gentle exfoliation that removes loose dead skin cells and preps the skin to absorb the benefits of one of our specialized muds.

Next, choose from one of our three mud types:

Black Baltic Mud:  This is our most popular mud type.  Organic silts are collected from deep underneath 30,000 year old fresh water lakes in Eastern Europe.  Black Baltic Mud is soothing and hydrating and great for sore achy muscles.

European Rose Mud: This deeply hydrating mud contains natural sun-dried rose clay extracted from the Provence region of France.  Rose mud is hydrating, calming, and great for sensitive skin.

Seaweed Mud: This mud utilizes rich concentrations of algae, minerals, and vitamins derived from active seaweed varieties harvested off the Brittany Coast of France.  A great mud for detoxifying and toning aging skin.

After 20-30 minutes of time to allow the mud to penetrate the skin, have a quick rinse in our in house shower facilities.

Next a lotioning rehydrates skin and leaves you feeling silky smooth. Or, add one of our relaxing massages to complete a relaxing spa experience.

Mud wraps take approximately 45 minutes.

Body Mud Wraps $90
Back Mud Wrap $50

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