Sunless Tanning vs UV Tanning

This time of year people are coming out of hibernation to get ready for spring break but don’t have that beach body look. Tanning is used to turn pale skin into a sun kissed look. But is it safe? When looking to get a tan you have a couple of options.

The first option is to use go outside. February and March can have tricky weather. The sun might be shinning but it may not be at a temperate that you would want to go outside and tan in. Tanning outside can also expose the skin to harmful UV rays.

The next option is to use a tanning bed. Tanning beds replicate the UV rays from the sun. It can give you a natural sun tan look but also comes with potential harmful side effects from UV rays.

The last option is to use sunless tanning. At Seven Stones Healing Massage and Spa we offer Fake Bake tanning sessions. Sunless tanning can give you an even tanned look and lasts about the same as getting a tan from the sun. A professional licensed skin care consultant applies the tanning solution to make sure your skin is appropriately covered and cared for.

A tanning session cost $40 or we offer a Copper Tanning Membership for $7 a month where you get unlimited tans at the price of $27 each.

Tanning trends are becoming more popular. Before you step out for spring break, attend a wedding, or go out for a special night on the town, come see us for a sunless tanning session first.