Show us a Sign

We purchased our dream business Seven Stones Healing Massage and Spa located at 3327 Winthrop Ave Suite 222, Fort Worth, TX 76116 in January 2013. 

Our original landlord would not let any business put out a sign on the building.  We were instructed that we needed to market our business to bring in customers.  A true but rude reply to our request. 

So we marketed.  We spent our available credit bringing in customers.  Though it has worked, a sign is still what we need.

Within the past year, a new owner purchased the building.  Soon businesses in our building had signs up.  Our new nice landlord has been very receptive to allowing businesses to advertise with a sign.  

We had already spent our marketing dollars and they are still currently spoken for. 

We need to be found!  We are starting this campaign to help us raise the money so that we can have a proper sign.  The one in the picture above just won't cut it!

Help us raise money for a new sign.  CLICK HERE to donate.